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A Life Celebrated...

Erik B. Scott was an exceptional man, shot and killed in the prime of his life by three Las Vegas, NV, police officers on July 10, 2010. At best, his slaying was a terrible mistake and needless tragedy. At worst, it was an execution born of irrational fear and rampant incompetence. As of mid-August 2010, an official investigation was still underway, and most critical evidence was being closely held by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This forum will chronicle events as they unfold, and provide ongoing analysis, commentary and insight.

Erik was a 1994 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point; served as an Army tank platoon leader and company staff officer; obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration from Duke University; had successful careers in medical-device and real estate sales, and was a Boston Scientific Cardiac Rhythm Management sales associate at the time of his death.

Erik was warm and friendly, fiercely loyal, fun-loving, a model of health-and-fitness, intolerant of laziness, a superb leader and mentor, and uniquely charismatic. He dearly loved his family, his large circle of friends, and Samantha, a tall, beautiful lady, who had captured his heart. His stunning smile, hearty laugh, big heart and easy manner will be greatly missed. A giant of a man was taken from us far too soon. May truth and justice be yours, Erik.


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